RPFS is the dealership for SUMO, Scanstone Cultivations, Pichon, Maschio, Gutler and AMIA equipment across the four counties of Herefordshire, Worcestershire,Gloucestershire and South Shropshire.

We are also dealers for a wide range of new spare parts and accessories from Dual Pumps, Sparex, Kramp & Kirkby Tyres.

However, if you are looking to buy a pre-owned machine, or have one to trade-in, then we have an ever-changing range of second-hand machinery for sale at Town Farm, for both arable and grassland operations.

Alternatively, most equipment is available for hire. Please contact the office for more details.

We are always interested to discuss taking on further dealerships and service contracts. Interested parties should contact Russell Price direct on 01531 640518.

NEW Machinery

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USED Machinery

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HIRE Machinery

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Machine Hire

Muck Spreaders
  • Pichon
  • Bunning


Kuhn Power Harrows
  • 6 Metre
  • 4 Metre
Kuhn Rotovator
  • 4 Metre
Sumo Grassland Subsoilers
  • 3 Leg Auto Reset
  • 4 Leg Auto Reset
Sumo Trio
  • 2.5 Metre
  • 3 Metre
  • 4 Metre
Sumo Stubble Rake
  • 6 Metre
Sumo Mixidisc
  • 5 Metre
  • 12 Tonne
  • 14 Tonne
  • 16 Tonne
Flat Bed Trailer
Fertiliser Bowser
  • 9000 Litres
Slurry Tanker
  • 1500 Gallons


SUMO UK Ltd design and manufacture cultivation equipment, and RPFS has been an established local dealer for a number of years providing new machinery, spare parts and service back-up. Sumo machines are all designed and built in Great Britain and well-suited to the farming soils of the area.

The Sumo Trio has been one of our most popular machines in recent years. The comprehensive product range is based on quality engineering, innovation and high output designs. The machines in the Sumo range include those for primary cultivation, stubble management, and low cost crop establishment of arable crops.

There are also machines for grassland management and soil structure improvement.

To see a full range of Sumo’s products: visit the Sumo website


For potato farmers, the ScanStone brand of machinery may be relatively new, but there’s now a full range of equipment which is becoming very popular and includes a range of bed formers, bed tillers, stone and clod separators, and windrowers. The equipment is designed and manufactured by RGS Forfar Ltd, Scotland.

The company was established in 2005, with the philosophy of developing a robust and durable range of soil preparation equipment. There are four key products in the ScanStone portfolio: bedmakers, bedtillers, de-stoners and windrowers. The bedmaker range consists of the Shearbolt and Auto-reset Bedmakers which have the options of making 1, 2 or 3 beds. The bedtiller range consists of the powerful Pioneer and Tiger Bedtillers – which can create 1, 2 and 3 beds, and are capable of working to a width from 1.5m to 6m. One of their unique design features is the quick-change blade – which reduces downtime thereby reducing running costs. ScanStone manufactures many models of stone and clod separators – the most popular of which are the 4215W Multi-web and the 4215S Star and Web.

By utilising one of ScanStone’s windrowers, the efficiency of potato harvesting can be considerably improved.


All in all, ScanStone provide a very comprehensive range of tried and tested equipment for the professional potato grower, for more information:

visit the ScanStone website