We can offer customers bespoke stubble-to-stubble contracting services. Equally, we are always looking for prospective contract farming partners who wish to utilise our considerable resource in the best interests of their land

Our range of contracting services is extensive and be tailored to each customer’s requirements. Our machinery dealerships allow us in particular to deliver a plethora of cultivation and crop establishment methods.

We work with FACTS and BASIS qualified agronomists, and have highly skilled machinery operators and state-of-the-art GPS machinery at our disposal.

For those on stubble-to-stubble contracts and contract farming agreements, we also include crop assurance and traceability record-keeping, in addition to crop rotation and variety selection advice plus the use of our crop storage facilities.

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Tel: 01531 640518

Combinable Crops

Our combinable crop rotation is varied and successful with most common crops including:

  • Milling & Feed Wheat
  • Feed Barley
  • Oilseed Rape
  • Peas & Beans
  • Oats
  • Hybrid Grass Seeds

All these crops are produced to high standards under the Assured Combinable Crops Scheme (ACCS) and stored in modern on-floor drying sheds.


RPFS has a long and proud history of growing potatoes, providing off the field and late season stored deliveries. We also provide modern grading and storage facilities. On our own farm, we grow for the early processing and chip shop market, main crop varieties for packing and processing in addition to some other varieties kept and sold in-house from the farm gate under the Frome Valley Potatoes banner.

For our packing customers we grow early set skin bakers: Estima and Marfona. Our main crop potatoes are grown under contract for McCains and include the varieties: Maris Piper and Russett Burbank. In addition, main crop varieties King Edwards, Desiree and Nectar – are all grown as high quality, high value supplies for the retail markets.

Our fledgling own brand potatoes; Frome Valley Potatoes is gaining popularity with many of our farm-saved potatoes being supplied to a variety of local businesses and consumers.

A range of varieties and bag sizes are available – call 01531 640518 or visit our premises at Town Farm, Castle Frome.


We have the full range of grassland management equipment for subsoiling, aeration, cultivation, sowing, spraying and fertilising, cutting and baling, and are available to supply machinery to assist with silage gathering operations.

We also provide advice on agronomy and fertilisers.

RPFS owner Russell Price has a personal interest in livestock with his own herd of pedigree ‘Witherstone’ Hereford cattle, for which high quality stock bulls are often available for hire, or for sale, along with breeding heifers.